Who We Are ...

                        Grace Lutheran Brethren Mission Statement

Anticipating the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, we place ourselves under His authority and direction. The mission of Grace Lutheran Brethren Church is to GLORIFY GOD by living in submission to the written Word of God, WORSHIP GOD by giving ourselves to family, church and community, and SERVE GOD by reaching out to the lost and discipling new believers into Jesus Christ. The result will be a positive influence with the Gospel in our world.

We are an evangelical congregation ...

We strongly affirm the fundamentals of the historic Christian faith, including the following:

    Bible as God’s inspired, inerrant Word

    The world created through a direct act of God

    God as Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

    Salvation from sin through the blood of Christ shed on the cross

    Justification by grace through faith

    Godly living patterned after the principles of Scripture
We are a conservative congregation ...
We find ourselves on the conservative end of the evangelical spectrum when it comes to doctrinal issues (see above). The same is true regarding contemporary social issues such as right-to-life concerns (including abortion) and homosexuality.
We are a Lutheran congregation ...
We hold to basic Lutheran doctrinal distinctives, believing that they best reflect the teaching of Scripture. At the same time, people are often surprised when they attend one of our services. Our pastors do not wear vestments, and our worship services are simple and informal. Our worship services usually include much music and the preaching of the Word of God. We practice the congregational form of church government and affirm strongly the autonomy of the local congregation.
We are an ecumenical congregation ...
The word “ecumenical” certainly has some negative connotations, but what we mean by it is simply this: we desire to fellowship with like-minded evangelical believers and congregations. We welcome the opportunity of working together with other evangelical Christians on issues of common concern and of cooperating with them in various ministry endeavors.