Thinking of Visiting?

Here’s what you’ll find!


When you think of church folks, what comes to mind? Maybe one of the following descriptions:

     • People who have their heads in the clouds
     • People who condemn others who aren’t like them
     • People who think they’re better than everyone else
     • Hypocrites

But those sorts of people aren’t typical of Grace Church. At Grace you’ll meet people from every walk of life and from a wide range of backgrounds. You’ll meet people who’ve experienced life’s joys and trials—its challenges and stresses. You’ll meet people who are far from perfect. You’ll meet people just like you. Real people.


What is life all about? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is God real? Does he care? Can I really experience his presence? What do I do with guilt and failure? Are there moral absolutes? How can I experience forgiveness and peace?

Whew! Those are tough questions! But we believe that the Bible offers solid answers to such questions (and many others like them). In fact, at Grace we believe that the Bible speaks with authority and relevance to all the issues of life. Real answers.

There are times in life:
     • when we’re gripped by fear
     • when our hearts are crushed
     • when we can’t hold back the tears
     • when we feel absolutely alone
     • when our failure is more than we can handle
     • when there’s nothing more that can be done
     • when everything seems lost

But in those times of black despair there is One who understands. There is One who is able to put the shattered pieces of our lives back together. There is One who can re-place darkness with light. There is One who has promised never to leave us. That person is Jesus Christ. Real hope.

Join us at Grace Church—Real people! Real answers! Real hope!